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Types of Drug Rehab for Teens

There are many types of drug rehab for teens and adolescent drug users that are markedly different from many adult drug rehab programs, as teenagers have unique developmental issues and life circumstances, that may require a more specialized form of drug treatment. A teen's drug and alcohol use often has many different causes, and an adolescent can have a much more difficult time in confronting the consequences of their drug or alcohol use; thus, a quality teen drug rehab programs should be specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of adolescents.

All of the different types of drug rehab for teens must approach substance abuse treatment differently from drug recovery for adults due to the vast differences in an adolescent's belief systems and environmental factors. Teenagers do not yet have a fully developed brain; thus, putting them at a much greater risk for abusing drugs and alcohol in the future, and underestimating the serious nature of the consequences.

These various types of drug rehab for teens must be conducted in a different environment than adult drug treatment programs, as teenagers are always part of a larger family unit, so their loved ones involvement will generally play a much more critical role in an adolescent's drug treatment and recovery process.

Finally, as compared to adults, very few adolescents will be attending these various types of drug rehab for teens because they recognize they have a substance abuse problem and are voluntarily seeking help; it is much more likely, that a teen's drug treatment has been coerced by their parents, their schools or the court system.

In terms of comprehensive types of drug rehab programs for teens, there are two basic forms of treatment: outpatient and residential. Within these two teen drug rehab program types, there are an endless number of treatment styles and modalities, but most come within the scope of these two drug treatment styles.

Outpatient teen drug treatment program - Many parents may want their teenager to enter an outpatient drug rehab program, so they can return home at the end of the day after treatment. For these types of circumstances, outpatient drug treatment may appear to be the best alternative. Outpatient drug rehab programs generally encompass a wide variety of drug treatment styles that requires the teen to visit a clinic at regular intervals in order to attend individual or group drug counseling sessions.

Residential drug treatment - The most powerful form of drug treatment for teen's that is currently available, is reported to be a residential drug rehab program; this form of treatment represents 24 hour a day care at a facility away from the teenager's drug-using environment. By temporarily relocating to the residential drug treatment facility, the teen is given a way to shut out all the distractions in their life and can focus solely on recovery from their drug or alcohol addiction. A quality residential drug rehabilitation program generally features all the key treatment elements, such as a professionally supervised detox, individual or group counseling and aftercare.