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Teen Drug Addiction

Teen drug addiction has currently skyrocketed in the United States. According to The Partnership at Drugfree.org, within the last three years, drug use among teenagers has jumped 27%, and one and ten teens in the U.S. has reported using with an illicit drug at least once. According to the same report, the use of marijuana in relation to teenagers has risen dramatically, and over 40% of all high school aged students have reported experimenting with this drug on at least occasion. Many experts in the field of addiction believe that one of the main reasons for the current epidemic in teen drug addiction is because parents have increasingly become complacent; additionally, over the last decade, the government has cut a lot of the anti-drug programs that used to exist, through successive rounds of budget cuts.

Teen drug addiction begins at home for many adolescents, as many adolescents are strongly influenced by the addictive behaviors that their parents exhibit; a prime example of this is that many children of alcoholics often suffer the plight of their parents' alcoholism. Many experts have attested to the fact that familial influence is the one of the primary reasons that children of alcoholics seek solace in the comforting effects of alcohol.

Teen drug addiction commonly becomes a problem as young adults go through periods of growth and exploration. When adolescents move out of the constricted and protected world of home and school, and begin to spread their wings in the larger world, it is common for them to begin experimenting with drugs and alcohol. Many teens have not been properly educated about the dangers of drugs or alcohol, which can put them at a higher risk for making bad choices.

Teen drug addiction generally occurs as an adolescent seeks excitement, or just wants to fit in with the crowd; additionally, many adolescents are looking for an escape from boredom or everyday problems. The earlier that a parent is aware that there teen may be struggling with a substance abuse problem, the sooner that they can get their child the professional help that they so desperately need. It is vital that parents be made aware of the overall signs of teen drug addiction, so that they will be able to readily identify the problem.

Signs and Symptoms of Teen Drug Addiction:

  • Evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia in their room
  • Uncharacteristic behavior problems at home and poor grades in school
  • Emotional distancing, isolation, depression, or evasiveness
  • Changes in peer group
  • Hostility, irritability, or change in their overall attitude
  • Lying about after school or weekend whereabouts, being secretive about plans
  • Decrease in interest in personal appearance and grooming
  • Physical changes such as bloodshot eyes, runny nose, and dramatic weight loss
  • Noticeable changes in mood, eating, or sleeping patterns

Teen drug addiction is a serious problem that requires a sense of urgency; if your adolescent is exhibiting any of the above teen drug addiction signs or symptoms, contact a drug rehab program for immediate assistance.